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Gozo - Your Chosen Island

A completely unsophisticated island, Gozo is an ideal place for a quiet holiday and offers ample facilities for walking, sightseeing, wine tasting, sunbathing, swimming and diving in the deep blue sea. From its many flat-topped hills the visitor looks down on fertile valleys and lovely folklore villages. The beauty of unspoilt life that goes on in this essentially farming and fishing island is enchanting.

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As regards its history, Gozo follows the same pattern as its bigger sister Malta - subject to the same conquests and the same vicissitudes. Also here, the island has much to offer to the tourist: places connected with events of the past, towers and fortifications, churches with their interesting histories, traditions kept alive in the normal life of the people, and… and … many legends and myths.

Where nature comes in, the tourist can easily see that it has scattered its treasures with a very generous hand on the Isle of Calypso : enchanting landscapes and wonderful beauty spots, golden sands and rocky beaches, fascinating inlets and sheltered bays, Hills and valleys - all help to give the place a personality of its own.

The Maltese Islands consists of 5 Islands which are Malta, Gozo, Comino, Cominotto and Filfla and are situated almost exactly in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea between Europe and North Africa which only 3 of these mentioned islands are inhabited.

The total area of the islands is 320 square kilometres and these lie 95 kilometres south of Sicily and 290 kilometres from the nearest point on the North African Coast. The Main Island is Malta that is 27 km long and its widest point measures 14 km. Gozo its Sister Island measures 14 km long and 7km wide. Whilst Comino which is the less populated islands measures 2.6km².

The Maltese Archipelago has neither mountains nor rivers. The Islands are characterised by a series of low hills with terraced fields on the slopes. The Coastlines covers a total length of 137kms and have many natural harbours, bays, creeks, sandy beaches and rocky coves.

The Capital city of Malta is Valletta whilst of Gozo is Victoria. Malta is more commercialised than Gozo where on Malta you will find the country's Governmental Palaces and offices, the Airport, the Parliament, dockyards, Casinos, Hotels, Restaurants and Shops but still sharing its tradition, culture and beauty to the locals and to the tourists. On the other hand Gozo offers quite the same to facilities but much more quiet, greener, rustic and unspoilt.

The Maltese Islands have an excellent climate with sunny hot weather throughout the long Summer months. The weather in Winter is likely more wet and with breezy evenings. The rain usually comes down in showers which quickly disappear allowing bright sunshine to emerge very soon after.

Temperatures range from 12 degrees Celsius in the Winter months to over 30 degrees Celsius in August which is the hottest month of the year.

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